Our Services

Your trusted one stop fire fighting services provider.

We truly believe our comprehensive and quality fire protection solutions will not only meet your fire fighting needs but exceed your expectations as well.

Over the years, EPE has grown to encompass all facets of fire protection services and solutions:


  1. Consultation
  2. Engineering & Design
  3. Installation
  4. Inspection & Testing
  5. Service & Repair
  6. Training – Fire Drill training & Basic Course

Our 1 time Installation

  1. Emergency staircase from bomba approval such as tuition centre, old folks home and office.
  2. LPG gas store fire wall with fire door from bomba approval.
  3. Industrial gas manifold set & pipe.
  4. Fire rated door 1 hour & 2 hour with frame approves from bomba licenses.
  5. Fire rated roller shutter door with frame approves from bomba licenses.
  6. MBI fire fighting system approval.
  7. Air – compressor pipe
  8. Sales & Refill breathing apparatus gas oxygen

Routine Inspection & Testing

  • Test and Maintain your equipment and inspect your property so that it’s line with Malaysian Standards and your current fire risk assessment.
  • All inspections and routine tests and recorder in the service report book and you’ll be notified on the day if any action is required.
  • To deliver a fast and effective solution to your fire safety needs that is both professional and cost-effectively.
  • Monthly Fire System Inspection / Preventing Maintenance.
  • Routine Fire Safety Training.
  • Monthly Fire Alarm Testing.

Service & Repairing

  • Fire fighting system
  • Water pump & engine
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