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Your trusted one stop fire fighting services provider.

Growing and Expand Since 2012

Evo Protection Engineering (EPE) owes its humble beginnings to the energy and drive of its founder, Mr Kesavan A/L Muthusammy who started out in 2012 as a contractor for the installation of fire fighting systems in construction projects. To date, Mr. Kesavan has gained valuable in-depth knowledge and experience regarding fire fighting products and the industry. EPE currently provides professional services in the fire fighting sector. Since 2012, the company has grown by leaps and bounds to become a fire fighting specialist with landmark projects in nearly all major industries throughout Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

The protection of persons and property from fire risks and for purposes related therewith.

Evo Protection Engineering (EPE) is a total solutions provider for fire safety. Its core competency lies mainly in fire protection systems and solutions catering to residential, commercial, industry and high-rise buildings. EPE is approved by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, and is thus qualified to carry out public installation and maintenance of fire safety systems such as fire alarm, fire fighting sprinkler, fire alarm control panel, hydrant system, hose reel system, wet and dry riser systems, fire fighting bomba approved wiring and plumbing works, emergency lighting, Co2 system, fire extinguisher, central battery system FM 200, deluge, Co2 and wet – chemical suppression system.

No matter when and where you work, fire protection and prevention is not only essential but a legal requirement under the Fire Services Act 1988 which makes necessary provision for the effective and efficient functioning of the Fire Services Department as well as the protection of persons and property from fire risks and for purposes related therewith.

To ensure your business and staff are safe from potential fires, EPE carries out professional services that are in strict compliance with Malaysian Standards for Fire Safety and Protection. Our group of highly skilled and experienced project managers, site supervisors and technicians ensure all activities carried out are of the highest quality while adhering to stringent standards and maintaining competitive advantages.

Our company marked a new milestone when we were awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2020. Indeed, our ongoing efforts to maintain company’s efficiency and precision, while keeping up with the industry’s constantly demanding needs, requirements and specifications had paid off.

Our Vision

To secure and occupy a leading position in the Perak Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Industry, and set new standards in practices and principles for others to follow.

Our Mission

To attend professionally to the specific needs of our customers using our internationally certified systems and process.

Our Values

The foundation of our success is laid upon by the following set of distinct values that dictate our diverse business activities:

  • Focus on quality & innovation
  • Being passionate, considerate and emphatic towards our customers, employees and the wider community within which we operate.
  • Commitment towards honouring the promises we make
  • Conduct business in a responsible & sustainable manner, and in line with our guiding moral principles.

Our guiding principles:

  • Lead by example
  • Work as a team and listen to all
  • Transcend our potential limit
  • Deliver our promises while aiming to exceed them
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